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History Moving Forward

A history deep in knowledge, commitment, and long-term focus

Schwartz & Co. was founded in 1976 by Gregory J. Schwartz, Sr., with a wife and five young sons at home. In 1979, he moved his practice into a farmhouse conveniently located on the crossroads of Maple and Lahser in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which to this day serves as the company’s headquarters.

Every Schwartz son, prior to joining the family business, worked at other investment firms where they gained valuable experience.  All five of them then brought their expertise back to Schwartz & Co. What began as Greg’s vision over 40 years ago has grown into an extensive team of investment experts. Greg and his five sons have invested heavily in a team of investment professionals well beyond the Schwartz family name to build a firm that is values-based and client focused. In 2016, the tradition continued with the third generation Schwartz joining the firm.

Today, we provide customized investment advice, and we serve our community and our clients throughout the United States. Greg’s original goal was to identify and research sound investments for his clients. Our firm’s dedication to providing investment excellence to our clients and our community is as unwavering today as it was in our founding. As the future unfolds, the cornerstone of our business remains the same — we are firmly aligned with our clients, as we strive to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.