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Insight Runs Deep

At Schwartz & Co., we strive to deliver high-impact service to organizations, including innovative solutions, comprehensive consulting, and business value. As an independent firm, with national scale and resources, we work with leading plan providers and record-keeping platforms.  We leverage the latest research and analytics, coupled with fiduciary best practices, to partner with institutions and help them meet their retirement plan obligations.

We specialize in helping plan sponsors and plan sponsor committees implement retirement plan solutions that are aligned with their business goals and objectives, and ultimately that benefit their employees.  As an independent advisory firm, we serve as an objective consultant for plan sponsors, aiding them with the selection of investment options, plan design, overall plan cost analysis, participant education, and plan provider selection (i.e. request for proposals (RFPs)). Our areas of focus include:

Fiduciary Liability Exposure Management

As either Section 3(21) or Section 3(38) fiduciaries, we act in the best interest of plan participants.  We understand that fiduciary liability exposure is a significant concern for many plan sponsors. We explore and develop ways in which plan sponsors can lower their fiduciary risk exposure.  Our systematic and time-tested approach to fiduciary reviews helps plan sponsors, and the plans they oversee, to seek compliance with ERISA standards.

Plan Benchmarking

As a plan sponsor, you need to ensure that the cost of the plan’s investments, recordkeeping, and administration can be deemed competitive or “reasonable”. To evaluate the competitiveness of your plan versus other options available, we conduct systematic, independent plan comparisons to ensure plan sponsors are in the most cost-competitive plans, while still maintaining first rate service levels.

Plan Participant Education

Schwartz & Co. offers a carefully customized participant education program for your employees.  Through group meetings and individual one-on-one investment consultations, we work with plan participants to propel them on their road toward retirement readiness. Our participant education program has been a very distinguished advantage versus our competitors, which has added great value for our plan sponsor clients. Our program is tailored to the organization with whom we are working.  We collaborate closely with plan sponsors and their Human Resources departments to ensure that our program fits the specific culture of each client.

Our strength lies in our unwavering commitment to our clients. Since inception, our services have been delivered with integrity and professionalism, creating client relationships that are based on trust and highly focused expertise.