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What Our Clients Are Saying…

We are honored when clients decide to bring us into their financial lives and are even more grateful when they decide to share their stories and refer us to others:

“There is nothing more important than three aspects that this company brings to the equation: skill, responsibility, and integrity.” - John Rakolta, Jr., CEO, Walbridge

“They know what our mission is and they can tailor our investments to match that mission. The program has weathered some major storms we have seen in America over the last few years.” - L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive

“Two generations and nearly 30 years ago, my family chose Schwartz & Co. as our financial advisors. We invested more than our money with the company, we invested our trust, as well.” - Kay Huberty, Certified Nutritional Consultant

“Having access to investment experts has helped me plan for my retirement and they have helped me build a much larger portfolio than I could have done on my own.” - Cindy Duman, Executive Administration Assistant, Applied Process

“Schwartz & Co. has done an excellent job of advising our employees and staff and done a fine job of guiding our investment committee.” - Jim Nicholson, President and CEO, PVS Chemicals

Recognizing that each one of our clients is unique, we craft a personalized roadmap for your institution or your family. We serve as your financial ally and teacher, all while helping you discover what’s possible with a strategic partnership.

**The testimonials included on this page may not be representative of the experience of other clients. Additionally, no testimonial is a guarantee of future performance or success.